The Top 5 Step And Repeat Banner Designs For Generating Awareness

Published by Bannernprint on Oct 06, 2022

A step and repeat banner is a large, sturdy backdrop ideal for indoor photography use. While step and repeat banners are often used to generate awareness at conventions and trade shows, they can also be used to create viral marketing campaigns or as store window displays. A step and repeat banner’s purpose is to generate awareness for an event, product, or business amongst potential customers. Here are the top 5 step and repeat banner designs that will help you generate awareness for virtually any occasion.

Diamond Pattern Repeat

This design consists of diamond shapes with varying sizes, colors, and patterns. The diamonds are arranged to form an image or logo of your choice when viewed from afar. This type of design can work well for products that need to be advertised as luxurious, such as jewelry or watches. You can also use this design if you want your brand to be perceived as luxurious, stylish, and classy because diamonds are typically associated with these traits.

Striped Pattern Repeat

Stripes are an extremely versatile pattern that can be used for any industry. The striped pattern is one of the most popular step and repeat designs because it creates a very professional look while still being easy to customize. Stripes are also very flexible because they can be created using any color combination or size that you need, which makes them perfect for creating logos or for branding purposes.

The stripes can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, depending on how many colors you want to use for your background. If you have bright colors, go with vertical stripes since they will stand out more against darker background colors such as black or gray. If you want something more subtle, then horizontal or diagonal stripes will work better.

Full Drop/Block Pattern Repeat

The Full Drop/Block Pattern Repeat is one of the most popular step and repeat banner designs. It is a simple design that allows for maximum exposure from both sides of your backdrop. This design can be used on almost any backdrop size or shape, and it works great for creating a wall for photographers to capture photos at an event or wedding.

Half-Drop Repeat Pattern

The Half-Drop Repeat Pattern is another common step and repeat pattern you can use at events or weddings to create a backdrop for photographers. The main difference between this pattern and the full drop pattern is that this one only drops halfway down the backdrop instead of completely to the floor as the full drop pattern does. This allows more room for people to walk behind your backdrop while providing plenty of photo opportunities!

Brick Pattern Repeat

This design features small squares that are repeated over and over again in a horizontal fashion. This style works well for creating a modern look that perfectly showcases your brand's personality! This type of step and repeat design is suitable for small-scale events like birthday parties, corporate events, or business conferences where the number of attendees is limited. The layout of this design can accommodate up to five people at a time without causing any bottlenecks or crowding of people in front of your booth or stand. It also allows other visitors to move freely around without getting in the way of those waiting their turn to take photos with you on camera.


Each of the designs listed above offers something a little different. If none of them seem to fit your exact specifications, there are many more out there beyond these five. It never hurts to check out all of the available options before deciding on a template to purchase or use. At bannerNprint, we offer professionally designed banner designs that can fit your unique needs. Visit our website to learn more!