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Advertising Flags

Our Advertising Flags are some of the best on the market due to their easy setup, extreme durability and prominent visibility. We utilize the ultimate full color dye sublimation process on our industry grade polyester fabrics. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. While we offer highly competitive prices, we utilize the highest quality material and printing processes on all of our banners and flags.

Our flags are available in a wide array of sizes which suit business purposes of all kinds. We carry banners in various shapes and sizes allowing you to display your message in a wide range of situations whether they are indoors or outdoors. This offers flexibility in your ability to advertise in different locations and to capture the attention of your target audience in the most efficient way. 

Our most popular flag models include the rectangular flag, feather angled flag, teardrop flag and econo feather flag. These flags are widely used for their convenience, cost, effectiveness and accessibility. Our industry grade flags can help you generate awareness, obtain new business and expand your business to new horizons!

The process of designing your own custom flag is streamlined and efficient, each step taking you closer to gaining maximum exposure and growing your brands’ footprint. Easily expand your customer brand awareness and get the attention you need to take the next leap forward by customizing your very own advertising flags. At bannerNprint, we carry the highest quality advertising flags that you need for your next marketing campaign. Through our commitment to excellence, we are able to provide incredible quality print marketing materials for virtually any occasion or use case.

If your business needs an effective outdoor advertising solution that is unique and commands attention, our custom feather flags are just what you need! Made of durable Flag fabric that is weather-resistant, our feather advertising flags will shout your message without taking up a lot of ground space. We offer unlimited possibilities for advertising a special sale, event or business message in a convenient, attractive and affordable way. There are few methods of advertising that can produce the results that our custom feather flags can at the same price. 

Our custom feather flags are available in four different sizes. Every flag is lightweight, which also means that it is portable no worrying about equipping special tools or hardware for assembly and dismantling your feather flag banner! To make your feather advertising flags as portable as possible, each one includes its own stake/spike base or cross base. Use the stake/spike base for using your custom feather banners on the ground (such as a lawn) or choose our cross base to display them on concrete or other impenetrable surface. Let us know the option you need when you fill out our order form.

If you aren't looking for something for a business, few things speak louder to announce a birthday, shower or other celebration than custom feather flags do! We can have you upload your own design and artwork. If you need help with designing your custom feather banners, we'll be more than happy to help for free. You can choose to either have single fold or double fold feather advertising flags so that your message can be printed on one side or both just make your choice on the order form it's that easy!

Many of our customers with businesses enjoy these feather advertising flags to increase brand recognition and to draw customers from outside into any establishment even at conventions, they are a great way to stand out from other vendors and call the crowds in, all without taking up too much ground space. You can use custom feather flags indoors or outside. They present to your target audience in an effective, straightforward, and unique display.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Put Up Advertising Flags?

Advertising flags can be hung up on a designated flag pole or can be displayed anywhere that they can be seen. The possibilities are endless! Certain models can also be mounted to a ground stake, which provides a stable area for your flag to be displayed.

Where to buy advertising flags?

Advertising flags can be purchased from sign and banner stores such as bannerNprint. Our company offers the highest quality flags, stickers and banners at the best prices.

Why are banners good for advertising?

Banners are highly effective in marketing because they are affordable, durable, attention-catching and versatile. They can be used in a wide range of commercial applications and are highly effective in creating brand awareness.

Why are flags important?

Flags are powerful marketing tools to capture attention, increase awareness and generate new business. Businesses have used advertising flags throughout the years in order to market their products and services to the masses. 

Custom feather flags are an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a new business or a large corporation interested in scaling, our custom feather flags can provide the results you are looking for. Contact us at to get started!