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All You Need To Know About Step And Repeat Hardware 

Step and repeat hardware is extremely important for businesses that hold events such as red carpets, launch events, and much more. The term ‘step and repeat’ refers to the process of your guests stepping on the carpet, taking pictures, leaving, with the next person repeating all the steps. 

For such events, you need the right tools to improve your event's beauty and functionality quickly and effectively. If you are hosting a red carpet event soon, here is what you must know about step and repeat hardware. 

Features Of Step And Repeat Hardware 

Here are all some top benefits of step and repeat hardware that you can utilize at your next event:

1. Adjustable Banner Stands 

Displaying your event name, company logo, and other important details is absolutely essential at your event. People love to use backdrops to take pictures, which makes this a prime opportunity for your brand to boost its visibility. This is why an adjustable banner stand is one of the most important tools you need. 

You can easily create a banner and use our stands to hold the banner up in place. When you do, it will appear as a backdrop that you can display on the red carpet. People will stop in front of your step and repeat backdrop, take pictures, post them on social media, creating indispensable marketing efforts for your business. 

2. Banners 

Of course, a banner stand is virtually useless without a high-quality banner to accompany it. We offer various banner stands in a wide range of different sizes. You can select a banner depending on the stand size you have. Because our banners are specifically cut to perfectly fit our stands, they create a combination of a perfect fit and hassle-free setup.

We print high-quality banners that are proven to attract your target audience and compel people to take pictures. Our banners are also reusable for many other events in the future. 

3. Red Carpet 

Our step and repeat hardware and banners especially shine during red carpet events as they will be used when your guests step, take pictures, and pose in front of photographers. You need the perfect red carpet that will adequately cover the entire length of the area and stay durable, despite the amount of foot traffic. Red carpets come in many lengths and sizes you can choose from. 

Once you select the perfect red carpet, you can lay it out so people can use it to enter the event and take pictures next to your banner. Our red carpets are ideal for events such as press releases, launch events, company parties, prom, and much more. The carpet will help bring your event to life and create a compelling appearance. 

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You now know everything you need to know about our step and repeat hardware for your event needs. These products are some of the most important items you must incorporate in your future events to attract more people and create a lively atmosphere. We offer some of the best step and repeat hardware that you will find online. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information on everything we offer. We will be happy to help you out.