Step & Repeat Banner + Stand + Carpet


One of our most prestigious bundle offerings here at bannerNprint is our step and repeat banner, banner stand and red carpet combination. This combination contains all of the incredible features of our traditional step and repeat banners but includes a dedicated stand to display the banner as well as a red carpet to use as a setting for your backdrop display. We will go over the top benefits of opting for a red carpet at your next event to accompany your step and repeat banner.

Red carpets are typically associated with glamorous events such as red-carpet awards ceremonies. Many people have the false belief that red carpets are reserved only for celebrities and prestigious events. While it is true that red carpets are traditionally present at these events, they can be used in an incredibly wide range of situations. Red carpets make for an effective and beautiful design element at any event, regardless of the size of the venue.

You can use red carpets at trade shows, launch parties, and fundraisers. Your guests will love the added attention they get by walking the red carpet and having their photographs taken by professionals. Red carpets are the perfect addition to a step and repeat banner. There is no better way to create a photo shoot area than by using this combination of products.

If you are looking to increase the prestige and class of your next business event, you're in the right place. Red carpets are a powerful tool for any form of event. Here's everything you need to know to make them work for you.


    • Using a red carpet is one of the simplest ways to enhance the quality of your event in no time. These sleek and luxurious carpets are the ideal accessory for your next business or social event. They are incredibly simple and straightforward, yet emanate class and prestige, so that you can't help but love them!
      You can escort all of your important guests into your event through a red carpet to create a classy and sophisticated environment that they'll love. Your VIP guests will appreciate your attention to detail and find themselves at home at your event.

    • Excessive clutter in the area surrounding your red carpet can ruin the simplicity of the look. Make sure there are no chairs, tables, or other items in the space where the red carpet will be used. Less is more, especially when aiming to create a prestigious environment.
      Your red carpet is a very important tool for you to use in your event, as it can boost your event to a whole new level of success and make it easier for people to remember your brand and what it stands for. The photographs taken in front of your step and repeat banner and red carpet will generate a flood of viral attention on social media, once your guests upload the photos they take at your event on their social media platforms.


    • You can use red carpets at your events to create a professional image. They're an affordable way to make your event look and feel special. There are few products that provide the comfort, luxury and prestige of red carpets at their price point. Red carpets are versatile enough to be used for a number of different types of events such as company parties, launches, and balls.
      If you're planning any kind of event, whether it's an award ceremony, business networking, or even a wedding, your event can benefit from the use of red carpets!

    • Red carpets also act as a great stage for your events. They will elevate your event and make it stand out from others, and your guests will enjoy walking on it and taking photographs. Use the power of the red carpet to emphasize and attract attention to a particular area of your event.


    • As a business, it's very important that you make your guests and employees feel valued. Every investment you make into the experience of your guests and employees will pay off. The experience that your guests will receive when attending your red carpet event is priceless.
      One of the best ways to make sure your guests have a great time at your event is to have a photo booth, especially if you’re an event planner who loves working with photography. It is incredibly simple to set up a fully functional photo booth through the use of our step and repeat banners and red carpets.

    • When people are about to step onto the red carpet, they will feel a valuable sense of importance that cannot be overlooked. By investing in red carpets, you will create memorable events that your guests will remember for a lifetime.


Red carpets are the perfect solution for any business event – from award shows, galas to corporate conferences. Use the power of red carpets to look great and create a masterpiece of an event. Our step and repeat, banner stand and red carpet combinations will provide your business with everything you’ll need to create a remarkable event that your guests will remember for years to come!

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