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A sneeze guard is a protective barrier, generally made of plexiglass or acrylic, that stops germs or viruses from spreading when someone sneezes or coughs. It works by preventing spittle or spray from a person's nose or mouth from spreading to other parts of the body before it may cause infection.

Sneeze guards are in great demand as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. In addition to cash registers, banks, and doctor's offices, schools, these protective shields are increasingly in demand. And we are here to fulfill your demands with the highest-quality sneeze guards.

Why Sneeze Guard?

A sneeze guard is a barrier that is placed between customers and staff to keep them apart. They are an excellent method of preventing the transfer of germs from one person to another, which eventually aids in the slowing of a virus such as COVID-19's spread.

Sneeze guards are used for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Restaurants and bakeries to prevent germs from going into the food
  • Cash registers
  • Front desks
  • Doctor’s office
  • Hospitals
  • Public transport
  • Gas stations
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Gyms and exercise studios


Why Our Sneeze Guards?

In addition to cubicles, conference rooms, reception areas, and cafeterias, our extensive selection of sneeze guard barriers provides safety for a variety of other office applications.

We can provide you with other materials, sizes, and design options if one of our numerous in-stock transparent barrier shields does not fit your specific needs.

Sneeze guards are available in a variety of designs:

  1. Countertop or freestanding sneeze guards:

These sorts of sneeze guards are composed of a clear plastic panel. They can be utilized on a variety of surfaces, including reception desks, conference tables, and serving tables. A freestanding sneeze shield may be placed anywhere on a flat surface and is quite versatile. Most freestanding sneeze barriers are installed on desks or other elevated surfaces.

The term "safety partition" is used to describe the use of sneeze guards that extend from floor to above the head and function as either a clear or transparent wall. In a sitting environment, they are used to divide space, such as separate tables in a restaurant or workstations in an office.

  1. Table Dividers:

Also known as tabletop sneeze guards or shields, they are a system of panels put on a table to protect individuals sitting next to one other from catching a cold. It is possible to utilize them in a variety of settings, including libraries, fast service restaurants, office workstations, coffee shops, conference rooms, and cafeterias.

  1. Booth and desktop dividers:

These sneeze guards are made of acrylic or polycarbonate that may be attached to booths in restaurants or food service establishments. They can also be used on desktops and conference tables in offices to keep people from coughing.

To enhance health and safety in the workplace, you should first and foremost utilize sneeze guards. During this trying time, safety should be the first concern, and sneeze guards are one measure that may assist in making your workplace a more secure environment for everyone.

  1. Sneeze guards in a hotel

Increasing safety in your organization will benefit your company's bottom line. Is it likely that you would continue to spend money in a business if you felt uncomfortable or unsafe? Most likely, this is not the case. Taking extra safety precautions at your company, such as the use of sneeze guards or other personal protective equipment (PPE), may assist set your customers' minds at ease and make them feel more comfortable when visiting your establishment.

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