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The background behind your subject can significantly impact the quality of your photographs. Busy settings can be distracting and cause your target audience to miss important details in your picture. A crowded photo may be a problem if you're trying to sell things online, as it can overwhelm the person who is shopping.

Your photos are important for two reasons. First, they’re a representation of the level of quality and professionalism of your brand. Photography may seem like a straightforward undertaking, but the choice of what background to use is an incredibly important decision. You’ll have to be able to determine which sizes, patterns, and materials are best for your project. At bannerNprint, we have an incredible selection of step and repeat backgrounds in a wide range of sizes and materials, which is why we are the one-stop-shop for all your step and repeat needs!

We have step and repeat backdrops available for individual purchase, or we offer them available in our pre-made combos. Our assortment of combo packs are available at very affordable prices. We offer a variety of configurations for our step and repeats, banner stands, and red carpets.

Browse our collection of step and repeat banners. You'll find different sizes available for all types of events.


Background sizes play an important role in the overall aesthetic of your event booth. As you will typically be using step and repeat backdrops at venues where photography is being taken, it is important to ensure that your background can easily accommodate your subjects.

To minimize reflections caused by flash photography and allow for adequate illumination of your guests, ensure that they stand a minimum of two to four inches from the step and repeat backdrop.


For portrait photography, a 6 by 8-foot canvas is the standard. This size of step and repeat banners is inexpensive, easy to install, and can take up little space. This size is an excellent choice for event photography or for photographers who are running an at-home workshop.

If your backdrop for an enclosed office space or a home studio is for an enclosed office space or a home studio, the specifications of this backdrop banner are perfect for your needs.

Get this step and repeat backdrop with a stand through one of our combo packs for an easy set-up process and a cohesive look.


This is the most common size for our step and repeat backdrops. The 8' x 8' banner is a very versatile backdrop that looks great in a variety of settings, and it can help make your event memorable. This backdrop is ideal for portraits that involve more than one person, and is particularly great for indoor venues. This size of step and repeat banner is perfect for full body and headshot photography. 8' x 8' step and repeat banners are also available as part of one of our combo specials.


Most commercial production companies utilize our 10 foot by 8 foot step and repeat backdrops for several reasons. It’s large enough to take full-length photos, family photos, and product pictures. This size is the best option for parties and group events, as it can easily accommodate large groups.

Our 10' x 8' step and repeat banner is perfect for any type of portrait shoot! It provides a professional-quality backdrop for virtually any event. You can even use it as a permanent wall background at your establishment! With its versatile and flexible form-factor, it’s the perfect choice for hosting a party, and offers many different photography angles.


If you want to maximize your product video shoot, you need a large step and repeat backdrop. This size of backdrop allows you to capture everything from an entire family to a group of individuals. If you're filming a video session, you can move freely around during the shoot due to the large area of the banner. The large size of our 20' x 8' step and repeat banner will eliminate shadows while keeping your subjects within the confines of the backdrop.

Because this backdrop is so long, it is great for creating the illusion that objects are at a distance from the background, even though they are much closer in real life. Once you've got your large-scale banner in place, you can easily pull your subjects away from the backdrops without taking them away from the frame. This is the perfect form of step and repeat backdrop for professionals.


bannerNprint carries over 7 different step and repeat backdrops sizes that are all fully customizable, as well a wide range of other printing products and services. Step and repeat is one of the most powerful tools for businesses of all types. It's cost-effective, easy to set up and manage, and helps dramatically increase brand awareness. With our incredible backdrop combinations, you can get the award-winning step and repeat backdrops, plus all the tools you need to set up and use them all in one affordable package. You can check out our incredible selection of backdrops today at!