Tension Fabric Stand

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Tension Fabric Stand

Tension fabric stands are an innovative form of display stand that works best in the trade show world. When a new product like this is used at events, it inevitably captures the attention of every attendee. Our tension fabric stands are one of the leading trade show stands that provide impressive appearances. There is no better way to outdo your competition and show that you are the best in your industry by investing in these stands.

Now let's see what the tension fabric stands offer for a better understanding of the product.

What is a tension fabric stand?

Tension fabric stands are a unique category of trade show stand that comes in many different shapes and sizes. Commonly, tension fabric stands come in rectangular banner stands. They come equipped with a tubular inner framework, complete with dye sublimation and printed graphics to fully cover the slides of the frame. This allows for a fully immersive viewing experience that is unparalleled by the rest of the available options.

Our tension fabric stands utilize traditional design with a variety of graphic prints on vinyl sheets or fabric sheets. The printed sheets roll over the tensioner that holds the banner. This ensures quick transportation and incredible portability. Once you set up the flag, pull it directly from the base and connect it to the banner pole at the back. The process is streamlined and simple, making this a simple product to set up.

Tension fabric stands have a tubular framework that connects to the banner stand. We offer this product in two different types: the simple stand and the rectangular banner stand. 

Listed are the pros and cons of each of these stands. 

Advantages of the Tension Fabric Design

  • Tension fabric stands provide a modern appearance that is less common in trade show displays. They stand on the floor with rounded tops and edges. The edges and top corners are smooth with a less blocky base. 
  • They are easy and quick to transport from one place to another. There are fewer moving parts, meaning that you can use this type of stand for a more extended period, but only if you take care of it properly. The rectangular banners can lose their tension after some time, but they can be secured with proper care and usage. Furthermore, it is easy to resolve and clean the wrinkles in these banners. 
  • The total cost of tension fabric banners depends on the design and graphics. 
  • They have double sided graphic prints that act as rectangular designs with many more areas for customization. You can swap each print according to your requirement. 

Advantages of Retractable Banner Stands

  • It is easy to set up the retractable banner stands, which are a more popular option than traditional stands. 
  • It is less expensive to print the graphic on a retractable banner stand. You can open them and change the graphic design according to your requirements. 
  • The graphics roll up inside the banner and do not fold inside for storing the designs. 

The tension fabric stand comes in two different shapes, with each having their own advantages. You can choose the tension fabric according to your requirements. Keep in mind that the retractable tension stand is easy to install and enhances visibility for the trade show attendees. 

We hope that this guide helps you to understand the different kinds of tension fabric stands better and choose the appropriate option so that you can create an excellent visual experience at your event. 

At bannerNprint, it is our mission to ensure that you stay at the forefront of your industry and invest in cutting edge print technologies to spread your message in the most effective way possible. Check out our incredible selection of tension fabric stands on our website at! We look forward to working with you.