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Step and Repeat Combos 

In photography, the background behind your subject can have a significant impact on the quality of your image. Busy surroundings are distracting and can take away the focus from the subject. A crowded photo may also cause you to lose revenue if you're trying to sell things online. This is because your photos are a representation of the level of quality and professionalism of your brand. Choosing a backdrop may appear to be a relatively straightforward undertaking. However, there are many different sizes, patterns, and materials you must consider. At bannerNprint, our step and repeat backdrops are available in a multitude of sizes, designs, and materials. 

Our step and repeat backdrops are available for individual purchase or available in pre-made combinations. We have a variety of different combos available for virtually every use case on our website at very reasonable prices. We offer various combinations of step and repeat, stands and red carpets. The step and repeat combo will include the banner size and style that you have selected. Here are different sizes available in our step and repeat banners.

Dimensions of Step and Repeat

When it comes to background sizes, there are several factors to consider, including the dimensions of your space and the size of your subjects. As step and repeat backdrops are designed to be used at venues where photography is taken, it is important to make sure that your step and repeat can adequately fit your subjects. To minimize reflections caused by flash photography and allow for adequate illumination, your guests should be at a minimum of two to four inches apart from the step and repeat backdrop.

6 X 8 Step and Repeat

For portrait photography, 6 feet by 8 feet step and repeat are ideal. These backdrops are simple to install and take up very little room. This form of banner is great for event photography or for photographers who are functioning in an at-home workshop. If the step and repeat backdrop is for an enclosed office space or a home studio, the specifications of this backdrop banner are perfect for your needs. With one of our combination deals, you can get this step and repeat backdrop with a carpet and stand so that you can easily set it up with a cohesive look.

8 X 8 Step and Repeat

This is the most common size for the step and repeat backdrop. If you are looking for additional space, you cannot go wrong with 8 feet by 8 feet backdrop. This backdrop is ideal for portraits that require more than one person, and at indoor venues. Full body photography and portrait photography work very well with this form of backdrop. This step and repeat backdrop is also available in one of our combo specials, meaning it can come with stands and carpets. 

10 x 8 Step and Repeat

Most commercial production companies utilize our 10 feet wide by 8 feet long step and repeat backdrops because of the flexibility of being able to take full length photos, family photos and colossal product pictures. Many people and businesses also opt to utilize this size of backdrop banner at larger events, as it can easily fit groups of guests. This form of banner is great for celebrity photoshoots, award shows, staff photography and more. It is also a popular choice for people who are hosting parties, as it allows for many different photography angles. 

20 X 8 Step and Repeat

Our largest step and repeat backdrop combination is our 20 feet by 8 feet step and repeat, which is suitable for almost any type of portrait photography or product video shoot. If you need to photograph a large family, a full staff or are holding a video session that involves movements, this form of background is absolutely ideal. Because of how lengthy this backdrop is, it is also great for eliminating shadows while remaining within the confines of the backdrop due to its large surface area. You can easily pull your subjects away from your step and repeat backdrop without taking them away from the frame. This is the perfect form of step and repeat backdrop for professionals.


We hope this article will help you to understand the various different step and repeat backdrop banner sizes we carry here at bannerNprint. Step and Repeat banners are a powerful tool for businesses of all kinds. With our incredible backdrop combinations, you can get our award-winning step and repeat backdrops with all the tools you need to set up and use them. Check out our incredible selection of backdrops today at!