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The Top 5 Benefits Of Window Decals & Graphics

The Top 5 Benefits Of Window Decals & Graphics

Posted by Bannernprint on Jul 08, 2022

Many businesses use window decals and graphics in a wide range of different applications to generate attention and market their brand. For instance, an electronics store may constantly change its outdoor graphics to promote new sales and bring in new customers. Meanwhile, a well established local shop might use the same graphics for an extended period of time. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to making window decals and graphics work for your business. The most important fact to remember is that this form of marketing is incredibly powerful despite its affordable price tag.

Window decals and graphics have incredible positives for any business. Here are the top five benefits that will help you understand this advertising method.

  1. High Potential
  2. One of the top features of window graphics is that there are endless design possibilities. You can use a decal to spread information about your holiday sales or promotions. Moreover, you can use graphics to permanently display your operating hours on your store’s glass windows.

    A large design can help customers easily locate your store and find their way in without much hassle. It is also suitable for grabbing the attention of pedestrians. You can make more sales by using window graphics for your store.

  3. Removable
  4. Window decals and graphics are not permanent, which means that you can remove them at any time. This increases the flexibility of your advertising campaign and helps you retain the structure of your shop. Any modifications you make to your store’s aesthetic can easily be removed or changed. You can use window graphics to promote seasonal offers to your target audience.

    Furthermore, you can reuse the same space to display different visuals depending on the time of the year. This will keep your customers engaged with your business throughout the year. Window decals also make it easier to advertise consistently within an area.

  5. Does Not Require A Permit
  6. Many states don't allow you to display large signs outside of your store due to laws or local ordinances. This means your advertisement may be subject to censorship and other rules. You may also have to get a license to utilize a specific public space.

    The worst part of the process is that getting a permit requires submitting a lot of paperwork which can be time-consuming. Luckily, window graphics do not require a permit for placement. You can use them in any space of your store without worrying about any rules. Because they are technically inside of your store but are seen by people who are outside of your store, window decals don’t require any licenses but are effective in marketing to the public.

  7. Affordable
  8. The best part about window graphics is that it is an inexpensive advertising method. You can easily hire a service provider to install your decals on your store’s windows. Working with a company like bannerNprint will ensure that its design team can help you develop the best window decal design. Unlike other marketing methods, window decals are cost-effective, accessible and affordable.

    A primary reason behind the low costs associated with window graphics is that they are simple to place and do not require a lot of maintenance. It also does not take a lot of time to put up a decal. This means that you can get your graphics displayed promptly and begin to enjoy high conversions from your promotional campaign.

  9. Keeps Light Out
  10. The location of your store may be excellent in terms of customer reach, but you may be suffering from structural issues. For instance, your location may be exposed to large amounts of sunlight during the day. This can affect the experience of shoppers negatively and cause UV damage to products that receive direct sunlight.

    Luckily, window graphics can help you keep harsh sunlight out while running a successful marketing campaign. Window decals are visible on the outside only and offer privacy to shoppers inside of your store.

Wrapping Up

These are the top five benefits of window decals and graphics. If you’d like to order your own custom window decals and graphics, please contact us at bannerNprint. Our team of professionals can help you design incredible window decals that are sure to wow your target audience.