Memorial Day 2024

Memorial Day 2024

Published by bannerNprint on May 10, 2024


As Memorial Day approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the courage and sacrifice of those who have served our nation. This day of remembrance is an opportunity to honor our heroes in meaningful ways. What better way to express our gratitude than through vibrant displays and heartfelt messages? At bannerNprint, we offer a range of custom products that can help bring your Memorial Day tributes to life. BannerNprint is offering a 10% discount from May 15-27 to mark Memorial Day 2024.

Signs of Remembrance

Our yards and gardens can become places of reflection and honor with the right touches. Yard signs and corrugated plastic boards can bear the names and messages honoring fallen heroes, creating a powerful visual along walkways or in public parks. Using a simple wire H-stake, these signs can be securely placed in the ground, standing as a reminder of bravery and sacrifice.

Indoor Memorials

Not all Memorial Day observances happen outdoors. Our PVC boards offer a durable and elegant option for indoor displays, perfect for sharing stories or historical facts about the day. Adhesive banners, or window decals, are excellent for adding a patriotic touch to any window or glass surface, catching the eye of passersby with messages of gratitude and remembrance.

Larger Displays for a Profound Impact

For those planning a major event, our 10 ft curve velcro fabric pop up display makes a dramatic statement. It's ideal for showcasing large images, artwork, or elaborate tributes. As the sun sets, our SEG backlit fabric displays illuminate your space with a warm glow, ensuring your message of thanks shines brightly into the evening.


This Memorial Day, let’s decorate our communities and hearts with reminders of what truly matters — honoring those who have given everything for our freedoms. At bannerNprint, we’re here to help you create these symbols of appreciation and remembrance. Visit for more products.