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How To Select The Perfect Banner For Your Needs

Posted by Bannernprint on Jun 07, 2022

Regardless of your message, a banner featuring a bold design, eye-catching colors and engaging copy can be a highly effective tool in garnering brand awareness for your business. It is important to plan out how you plan on using and displaying your banners as there are many different materials that you can choose from that are best suited for a wide range of situations.

At bannerNprint, we’ll help you create a banner that can be fully customized according to your preferences and that features excellent design quality! Continue reading to learn more about the multiple different types of banners you have at your disposal.

The Most Popular Types Of Banner Available

  1. Fabric Banners
  2. Fabric banners are an excellent choice for businesses who require their banners to be portable, washable and efficient. Due to their lightweight form factor, they are the perfect choice for businesses who are on the go. The fabric of these banners is made with tender care. These banners are also quite affordable, so they’re worth the investment. Because of how portable they are, fabric banners can be used in a very wide range of applications. Furthermore, because the material of our fabric banners doesn’t reflect light, these banners are excellent for indoor events where flash photography is taking place.

  3. Vinyl Banners
  4. Vinyl banners are the most popular type of banner due to their long-lasting durability, fade-resistant printing, and vibrant show of colors! It doesn't matter if your event is indoors or outdoors; you can use this type of banner to showcase your message effectively. Vinyl banners are also much thicker than fabric banners, which means they will last much longer. If quality and aesthetics are what your business values, this type of banner is the perfect kind for your business.

  5. Step And Repeat Banners
  6. Step and repeat banners are an incredibly in-demand item because they allow businesses to create photo opportunities for their guests at their events. These banners can be carried anywhere you want them and are incredibly easy to use with no special skills required to set them up. Step and repeat banners are a great way to advertise your business and are very effective in generating new clients. Guests will be drawn to the idea of being able to pose in front of step and repeat banners just like their favorite celebrities. Our step and repeat banners come in a wide range of sizes that you can choose from. Whether you require a step and repeat banner for just a few people or a large group, we have what you are looking for. Additionally, step and repeat banners can also be used with add-on items such as our luxurious red carpets and our step and repeat banner stands.

  7. Retractable Banners
  8. When time is of the essence, retractable banners are the perfect choice to use. This type of banner is best suited for events such as career fairs and conferences. They are simple to use and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Because the banner is directly built into the stand, retractable banners can be easily stored, carried and set up. What's more, there are a lot of different sizes available that you can choose from.

No matter what your occasion is, bannerNprint can provide the highest quality banner marketing products at the best prices. Contact us today to get started!