How To Properly Maintain And Clean Your X-Stand Banner

Published by Bannernprint on Feb 26, 2023

Your X-Stand banner has a lot of capabilities and can do a lot for you; however, if you aren't sure how to clean and maintain it, you may need to learn how to do so. Too many people have thrown away their banners due to improper cleaning or maintenance. In this blog post, we will go over a few steps you can take to keep your X-Stand banner free of any products that will hurt the quality of your printed graphics, such as soot and dirt.

Tips for Taking Care of Your X-Stand Banner

The X-Stand Banner Stand is a very affordable and easy-to-use display option. The banner stand can be set up in just minutes, and it’s lightweight and portable. However, if you want to keep your X-Stand banner stand in excellent condition for a long time, there are some essential things you need to know.

Avoid cleaning with abrasive materials

X-Stand Banners are made from a fabric that is durable and strong enough to withstand most cleaning methods. However, we do not recommend using abrasive materials or chemicals on your banner. The material of the banner is delicate and can rip easily when exposed to harsh chemicals or rubbing alcohol. This can cause permanent damage and leave you with an unsightly banner that will need to be replaced.

Don’t store while wet

If your banner gets wet, it is best to let it air dry before storing. Water will cause the ink to bleed and can ruin your banner. You also want to ensure that your banner is completely dry before storing it in its bag. If you have a canvas banner, make sure that you hang it up to dry on a clothesline so that no water gets trapped between the canvas and the pole.

Detergents are a huge no-no

Detergents and solvents should never be used on your banner. They can cause the ink to fade or smear, and they will shorten the life of your banner. Do not use any kind of soap, detergent, or solvent on your banner. If you have already used detergent on your banner, you will need to rewash it with cold water and hand soap.

Store properly

When storing your banner for long periods, store it rolled up in a tube so that no wrinkles form in the vinyl material. This will ensure that when you unroll it again, there are no crease marks visible on the surface of your banner. Also, avoid storing it in extreme temperatures, e.g., hot attic.

Don't fold sharp edges

As in the picture above, folding sharp edges over can damage your banner's fabric and may even cause holes in the material itself! Always fold your banners carefully so that no sharp edges are folded over on themselves - this goes for indoor and outdoor banners!


When it comes to the longevity of your banner, it all comes down to proper maintenance. Keeping your banner clean, both front and back can help it to stay in the best condition possible for as long as possible. The methods you use to clean your banner may change based on the material it's made from. Research and follow cleaning instructions carefully to avoid damaging your banner.