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How To Maximize Your Event’s Success With Step And Repeat Banners

How To Maximize Your Event’s Success With Step And Repeat Banners

Posted by Bannernprint on Mar 24, 2022

As a brand owner, it is your responsibility to generate awareness and expose your business to a wide audience. After all, people cannot purchase your products or services unless they know about them.

One of the top methods that can help you generate maximum exposure is the use of step and repeat banners. This marketing product subtly displays your logo to your audience to improve brand awareness.

If you want to learn more about using step and repeat banners, we have you completely covered. We’ll go over all the information you need to make an educated purchasing decision.

A Brief Look Into Step And Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are prevalently found at award shows, movie premiers, celebrity events, press conferences, marketing seminars, and much more. You have probably already seen this type of banner without knowing its name.

A typical step and repeat banner contains a company logo that is repetitively spread throughout the entirety of the banner. Step and repeat banners are among the most iconic items typically observed in celebrity photos at red carpet events. You may have noticed brands you recognize featured in the backdrop of celebrity photos you’ve seen on social media. This form of marketing banner is large and is mainly used as a backdrop for taking pictures.

How To Maximize Your Event’s Success With Step And Repeat Banners

You can generate incredible amounts of exposure when people take pictures in front of your company logo and post them on social media. This is why using a step and repeat banner is an effective way to generate brand awareness.

However, there are several things you should keep in mind when using step and repeat banners. The following advice will help you maximize your event’s success:

  1. Use A Large Banner Size
  2. A step and repeat banner can offer you a high return on investment (ROI) provided that you are using it correctly. This is why you should go big when it comes to size. Typically, your banner should be taller than the average person's height so that it can be used as a good backdrop.

    Besides that, your step and repeat banner must be wide enough to accommodate more than three people. This is so that even large groups can use your promotional item as a background for their photographs.

  3. Get The Logo Right
  4. The brand logo is the most integral element of a step and repeat banner. This is why you must carefully think about the size of your branding. Your symbol should be large enough for viewers to see.

    However, you must ensure that your logo is not oversized, or else your company logo will look tacky. As a result, the aesthetics of your background will be reduced, and people will be discouraged from taking pictures. The key is to make sure your logo is large enough to be seen, but not excessively large to the point where it becomes overwhelming.

  5. Choose The Right Material
  6. When getting a design printed on a banner, you must remember to select the right material. Vinyl is the most prevalent option, but it is also not the best for indoor events. This is because colors and light reflect from the material. This can result in glares when people take pictures with flash.

    It is best to use a fabric banner for indoor events or use a material with a colorless background. As a result, your guests will not experience any glares, and the color of your step and repeat banner will still be vibrant in pictures.

Final Thoughts

These are the top three ways to maximize your event's success with the help of step and repeat banners. Once you get these things right, you can enjoy maximum brand exposure for years to come. Check out our wide selection of step and repeat banners today. At bannerNprint, our professionals will guide you throughout the entire process of developing high-quality, effective banners for your next event.