How To Create Unforgettable Branding

Oct 04, 2021

To create unforgettable branding, you must become memorable in the eyes of your customers or clients. This sounds easy in theory but can be hard to execute in reality. This article will show you 9 ways you can create unforgettable branding for your business and improve your businesses’ presentation.

1. Create an excellent logo

The first step you need to take care of when creating unforgettable branding is to craft a high quality logo. Fortunately, you do not need to have incredible graphic design skills to bring a quality logo to life. All you need is an idea, a little bit of money and the ability to take action. Graphic designers can be hired from all budgets, ranging from Fiverr, which offers logos for as low as 5 dollars, up to custom logo competitions where graphic designers enter to compete against each other to create the best logo in exchange for a cash prize. You can also enlist the help of family, friends or colleagues who are experienced in graphic design. Some people may be willing to help you out for free or for an inexpensive cost. If you want a professional logo, it doesn’t hurt to spend top dollar on your logo because the higher quality logo you have, the more professional you will look. However, do not underestimate the skills of an aspiring artist or graphic designer you already know. They may be able to create even better logos for a much lower price.

2. Create a slogan

The brands with the most memorable branding around the world usually have a slogan that is distinct and highly recognizable. Top brands spend thousands, if not millions of dollars on these slogans, hiring top qualified copywriters to find out what works. If you have a knack for coming up with catchy slogans, you may be able to create branding for your company that works. However, a startup business would probably be better off either creating their own slogan or focusing more on other branding techniques as hiring a professional copywriter can be immensely expensive with results that can be difficult to measure. The reason top companies like Coca-Cola focus on marketing that is not always measurable is because they have the advertising budgets to back it up with deep pockets from their investors. You must know what your competition does in order to compete with them but always make sure that you are playing on a level playing field.

3. Create custom merchandise

Powerful brands tend to invest heavily in custom merchandise, including but not limited to: tshirts, stickers, mugs and water bottles. Merchandise has the benefits that they help you build relationships with your customers that have a long-term horizon. People do not tend to throw away these items and keep them around. If you have the right marketing material with sufficient contact information, your customer may just contact you when they need something done. The one downside to custom merchandise is that the process of creating them can be a costly endeavor. If you are creating promotional merchandise, you can never be entirely sure when it will pay off. It may be years until you see a return on your investment. Also, custom merchandise is only seen by the people who receive it or purchase it.

4. Purchase advertising

To make waves in your industry and create unforgettable branding that sticks with customers, many brands choose to purchase advertising. Advertising can take the form of display ads on Google, Facebook ads and print advertisements. Advertisements are a highly effective form of marketing but are unfortunately out of reach for the majority of businesses. In fact, only the top businesses can afford to advertise continually on a non-stop basis without affecting their profitability. When trying to build a business that reaches the masses, you will have to compete with these giants who have deep pockets and vast advertising budgets.

5. Hand out flyers

Handing out flyers is a highly cost-effective way to gain awareness for your business while improving upon your businesses’ branding. You can hire a graphic designer on Fiverr to craft a flyer design for you with an attractive offer for your customers. Utilizing the logo you created for your company, your flyer will display professionalism and quality. It is preferable to create flyers when you have an event or sale available. This will attract potential customers to your business.

6. Hold free events

Holding free events for your business and/or attending trade shows is an excellent way to build your businesses’ branding and gain influence in your network. As they say, your network is your net worth. The more value you offer to the people in your network, the more you will receive in the form of business, referrals, and connections. Always give before you take. By holding free events, you are showing that you are an abundant company that is likely to succeed. When you attend events that other people are holding, you can tell them about your event while also showing support to theirs. It is also important to attend trade shows and have your own section where you can present your business. Meeting your clients face to face and shaking their hands will be so much more powerful than any other form of advertising that you can purchase. Humans are intrinsically drawn to connection and to gain the trust of your clients, there is no better way than by meeting them in person. At your free event or trade show, you can utilize our Retractable Banners or X-Stands for your presentation. You can also hang mesh banners outside for widespread brand awareness that can weather any storm. The key is to allow your creativity to shine during your events.

7. Distribute business cards

Business cards are key to developing business. When you meet a brand-new contact, you absolutely must have a way for them to reach you and inquire about your business. Customers who are not currently in the market for what you are selling may be in the market for it down the line. When this happens, they will remember you if they had kept your business card. You can easily set yourself apart from the competition by investing in high quality business cards that exude professionalism and by handing them out whenever you meet a new person.

8. Purchase a billboard

Billboards are an excellent method of building unforgettable branding. We see them all the time, and remember the best ones. They are placed on highways where millions of people will see them on a daily basis during their commutes. The only downside to billboards are their exuberant cost and unmeasurable results. Our mesh banners are a highly attractive alternative to an outdoor billboard. Mesh banners can be scaled in ways that billboards cannot because you can place them in multiple locations. Through mesh banners strategically placed in high traffic areas, you can become an omnipresent force in your local industry and dominate your marketplace. You can get nearly all of the benefits of billboards without having to empty your wallets completely. Also, by being very cost-effective, you will be able to increase your bottom line profits which will help you eventually invest more into billboards all across the country.

9. Create high quality banners

The most effective and scalable option in creating unforgettable branding is to invest in high-quality banners that will last. Banners are versatile, cost-effective and professional. While your competition may cheap out on their banners, you can easily set yourself apart by getting the best banners. Your business will seem more professional and get more clients which will help you reinvest in your operations. At bannerNprint, we have a wide variety of banners for you to choose from. There is a type of banner that suits every purpose. Whether you need banners for a trade show, concert, business meeting, negotiations, presentation or a baseball field, we offer it all. We have banners of all sizes and all price points. Check out our selection today and take action on achieving your business branding goals!


The key is to take action, no matter what you happen to choose. To create unforgettable branding, you need to select what works best with your business operations and advertising budget. Once you select the right method, run with it and get immediately started. There is no need to overthink the process and waste time. The sooner your brand is seen by the customers for which it was developed, the better!