Sep 08, 2021

Searching for banners can be an inundating task especially with so many different kinds available on the marketplace. What seems overwhelming is in reality quite simple if you are able to hone in to exactly what you need for your purposes.

A variety of factors come into play when selecting a banner. If you are a business who attends trade shows all around the world and has frequent events that require different information to be presented, you will obviously have very different needs than a concert organizer who just simply needs banners once for their event.

You must take into consideration these factors: time, speed, reusability, location and cost.

Is the event indoors or outdoors? If it is indoors, you can utilize our fabric banners while our mesh banners would be the best choice for outdoors purposes.

Is portability important? If that is the case, we recommend fabric banners over vinyl banners as they are easily reused, folded and washed without any detriment to the quality of the banner.

Our banners can be used in any way you would like, however there is always a banner optimized for the specific purpose you are looking for.

Vinyl banners emanate quality and vibrancy of color, beyond what our fabric banners are able to show. However, they are not as transportable as our fabric banners.

You do not need to compromise between these two if you need the best of both worlds. Our retractable banners combine the convenience of our fabric banners while maintaining the vibrancy of color that is present in our vinyl banners. Speed, convenience and ease of use are all part of this type of banner.

If you like the idea of a retractable banner but your business is looking to cut costs and make investments which will continue to grow as your business grows, then perhaps X-Stands would be a better option. They are stands that work with our vinyl banners and can be changed out based on the information being presented.

What is the purpose of banners?

Banners are information presented in a fashion that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and readily viewable by the audience for which it is intended.

The banner is simply the messenger which gets your message to your audience.

The best banners emanate professionalism and instill confidence in your presentation to your audience or customers.

It is important to take into consideration the fact that your banners will be seen by many, thus it is important to invest in quality banners that will last. Cheap banners may be attractive in a cost saving sense, but they often end up being more expensive as constant replacements will be necessary.

You must find a balance between convenience, cost and durability that will best suit your business. You must think about what is important for your presentation purposes.

Once you determine these things, you can select the banner that best serves your purposes and can get started immediately. Instead of wasting time printing your message, you can spend the majority of your time honing and improving your message so it can best impact your customers or audience and improve their lives.

Banners are like advertising that you can take with you. Unlike billboards which cost a rental fee, or Facebook advertisements which require a daily or weekly budget, banners are a one time investment which will be viewed by thousands or millions depending on where they are displayed.

Thus, it is important to hone your message to perfection. Once you are able to do so, the banner will come to life by itself.

What if my message changes?

If your message is one that changes over time, it is best to invest in our X-Stands as you can print new banners and display them on our banners. This is in direct contrast to our retractable banners, which are extremely quick to set up but have a message that is embedded in the stand.

What do I need banners for?

You do not need banners as much as you do not need a suit and tie to be professional. However, it is proven that perceptions are reality especially in business. Despite what people will tell you, humans make immediate judgements based on their first impressions. It has been scientifically proven that job applicants that are well-groomed and dressed to impress have higher rates of approval than job applicants that are dressed haphazardly. This is called the halo effect.

What is the halo effect?

The halo effect is where appearances dictate reality. If you are dressed to success and your business has excellent banners, the assumption will be made that you are a successful individual and your business is successful. If you are wearing sweatpants while you are presenting with a cardboard sign, people will assume your business is not doing well.

In business, first impressions are so important because if they pass you will hardly get a second chance. That is why it is so important that you nail the first impression because you may not get another one.

Your competition will invest in their presentation and as a result, you must do so if you want to be on a level playing field. You do not just want to compete in your industry. You must dominate your industry and be the best. In order to be the best, you must do more than the rest. These factors are why businesses are pouring so much of their money into quality websites, quality business cards and company materials. Banners are a step beyond these things.

Why should I care about the halo effect?

Many business owners feel that they do not need to invest in quality graphics, websites or banners because they believe their customers should look past those things and simply purchase from them. They feel entitled to their customers' respect and money. This is actually a very selfish way of dealing with customers if you think about it. Think about it, when you go to a restaurant, if it is unkempt and hasn't been cleaned you may not want to eat there. You are not disrespectful for thinking so, as there is a restaurant across the street which is immaculately clean and has high levels of aesthetics. When it comes down to spending money, your customers will go to the best potential option. Your customers will hardly take into consideration your intentions of feelings and will go with whatever their gut instinct tells them. This is not so that you seek approval or validation from your customers but simply to give them no reason to not want to do business with you. It never hurts to be the most put together in your industry! You must earn your customers' business not feel entitled to it and banners are an excellent way to build on your reputation.

Where can I display my banners?

Imagine if your banner was displayed 24/7 on the side of your building where customers who drove past you saw it every single day. This would create omnipresence for your business as you would be seen all the time. If you placed these banners all around town, you would be the most recognizable name in your local industry. This would set you up to have a parabolic growth where you can continue to increase advertising which would have a positive impact on your bottom line. As you can see, you can display banners wherever there are people that will be able to see them.

Are banners expensive?

Banners are a highly cost-effective way of advertising. In comparison to traditional TV or billboard advertising, banners cost absolutely nothing. Furthermore, they are a fixed cost not a variable cost. This means you can hone in exactly how much you are willing to spend on banners to ensure you do not go over budget. This is something you will not be able to do as easily with traditional or social media advertising. Furthermore, if you feel like your banner is not being seen by the right people, you can choose to display it somewhere else with absolutely no losses or penalty. As you can see, this is a win-win scenario in which you control all the cards.

Where is the best place to purchase banners?

You can find banners at any of your local printing shops, but at bannerNprint, we have a huge dedication to the success of our customers. Our commitment to excellence is radiated in everything we do. The customers come before everything else and it is our mission to make sure your banners are perfect and optimized for your purposes. Our years of experience and excellent reviews from our clients are merely a testament to our ability to provide quality banners that our customers need at prices that make sense to them.

Throughout the process we guide our customers through an industry that can be confusing and make it simple to understand with a primary focus of ensuring your message is heard. Most of our competition thinks mainly about profits and may even upsell you to make more money. We will help you select the most cost-effective banner for your business that makes sense for your needs without breaking the bank. If you are interested be sure to give us a call or to visit us at our retail locations.