8ft Table Cover

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8 FT Table Cover

Our 8 Ft table covers are the ultimate tool for your brand’s next event. Easily set your brand apart from the rest with our industry grade table covers and throws. The set-up process is virtually non-existent as all you need to do is simply drape your customized table cover over your table and you are ready to go. Whether you are attending a trade show, selling products, acquiring clients, or holding your own event, table covers are a cost-effective and efficient way to display your brands’ logo in a prominent way. Attract more booth attention with our high resolution full color printing and dye-sublimation methods. Your guests are sure to notice an elevated presence from you and your brand. Command attention with a wide range of colors and designs to choose from. Our 8 ft table covers are available in two forms: 4 sided (close back) and 3 sided (open back). Crafted with durable polyester table fabrics, these table covers are an investment for your business that is sure to last. Cleaning and transportation of these covers are a breeze, which make them the ultimate form of advertising for your brand. Check out our selection today at bannerNprint!