5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Have Catalogs

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Have Catalogs

Apr 20, 2022

Many marketing methods can help your business gain more customers. However, nothing can beat the cost-effectiveness of traditional marketing products such as catalogs, banners, and booklets.

The response rate of consumers for catalogs has increased by 170% from 2004 to 2018. Customers love to view catalogs in order to receive relevant brand information. Here are five reasons why your business must utilize catalogs in its marketing strategy to reach its full potential.

  1. Catalogs Affect Buying Decisions
  2. Catalogs affect many consumers' purchasing decisions because of the amount of information that they provide. Customers can use these product booklets to view the latest products of a company. Many people also prefer catalogs because they include pictures instead of only displaying lengthy text.

    Furthermore, 72% of surveyed customers stated that they were more likely to become interested in a retailer's products after viewing its catalog. This is because this approach is an active marketing method. An audience can quickly become familiar with products through catalogs, while online marketing methods require a consumer to be familiar with the internet and technology to be effective.

  3. Helps You Get Noticed
  4. The best part about catalogs is that you won’t have to wait for your audience to reach you. Instead, you can bring your brand straight to your consumers without spending much money. For instance, you can use a mailing service to deliver your catalog to people’s homes.

    A catalog can significantly improve your sales by encouraging people to purchase your products or services. For instance, customers who received a catalog in 2014 spent about $850 annually on catalog related product purchases. It is evident that catalogs can help your brand get noticed easily.

  5. Assists People With Shopping
  6. Shopping for a product without knowing how it looks in real life can be a daunting task for many people. You may also be offering a product that your customer cannot view in stores before purchasing due to size constraints. Typically, a catalog is the best way to market products that cannot be easily displayed in-store.

    Catalogs allow consumers to learn about a product, view its pictures and compare it with other options. Consumers will be able to see thorough product specifications, which can help them make an informed decision. When the time comes for your consumer to order, they will know exactly how to reach your brand. People are more likely to buy high-ticket items with the help of a catalog.

  7. Saves Time
  8. Viewing products on an online website is a highly time-consuming task for many consumers. They usually have to utilize a wide range of different filters to find the correct item or have to go through the entire collection to find what they are looking for. The process can be cumbersome and is not conducive to a seamless buying process.

    Meanwhile, it only takes a little time for your consumer to flip through a catalog, especially if it has pictures. The process is much more enjoyable. Customers prefer reading a vibrant catalog over a website. Simply put, a catalog bridges the gap between the physical and online worlds of marketing.

  9. Informs The Audience
  10. A catalog does not only include pictures but also includes relevant company information. This means you can inform your reader all while improving your company’s brand awareness. At the same time, your business will also experience increased sales due to your active marketing campaign.

    Having a catalog can help your audience become informed of your product offerings and create an elevated buyer experience. You can also include details about your company’s promotions in your catalog to create an even better response.

Final Thoughts

These are the top five reasons why your business must have a catalog. This incredible marketing product can help turn your potential customers into regular ones. Luckily, bannerNprint can help your business create high quality catalogs that can help increase your sales exponentially.